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Electrical Engineering Prep Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8383

Administrative Assistant

Adult Workforce Education

Agardi, Dan

Industrial Maintenance Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8122

Allen, Stacy


440.357.7542 ext. 8239

Atwell, Joe

Maintenance Supervisor

440.357.7542 x. 8162

Barto, Shelley

Financial Aid Specialist

440.357.7542 X. 8326

Barwidi, Laura

Student Services Coordinator

440.357.7542 ext. 8090


Bentley, Dorothy

Intervention Specialist

440.357.7542 ext. 8275

Blauch, John

Emergency Medical Services Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8238

Bontempo, Dr. Brian


440.357.7542 ext. 8011



Brown, Jessica


440.357.7542 Ext. 8112 or 0

Brown, Jim

Business Partnership & Alumni

440-357-7542 x. 8206

Bruno, Justin

Automotive Collision Repair Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8234

Bryant, Victoria

Assistant Treasurer


Bubonic, Dawn

Marketing & Public Relations

440.357.7542 ext. 8138

Buchs, Diane

Administrative Assistant - High School Office

 440.357.7542 ext. 8113

Carraher, Brenda

Cafeteria Supervisor

440.357.7542 ext. 8214

Carrie McVicker, Treasurer's Assistant

Carrie Simmons joined the Auburn Career Center Financial Services staff in October 1999 in the role of Treasurer’s Assistant.  Prior to joining Auburn, Carrie’s experience included working at the Lake County Educational Employees Federal Credit Union. For Ms. Simmons, coming to work at Auburn Career Center was like ‘coming home’ as she spent much of her younger years at Auburn while her father was a graphic communications teacher beginning in 1976. 

In her role as the Treasurer’s Assistant, Carrie’s job responsibilities include:

  • Coordination and compliance of Federal and State grants
  • Oversees collection of student fees
  • Serves as the Treasurer’s liaison with banking institutions
  • Ensures compliance with state account coding
  • Manages electronic checking system
  • Processes district accounts payable

Ms. Simmons has been instrumental in several cost-saving initiatives including the integration of student receipts with online software.  When asked about the changes she has observed during 13 years at Auburn, Carrie said, “I love my job and recognize that the improvements have helped to increase efficiencies.”

Ciszewski, Laura

Information Support & Services Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8136

Colescott, Terry

Advanced Manufacturing Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8197

Computer Help Desk



Coyne, Cathy

Administrative Assistant - ABLE/GED

440.357.7542 ext. 8237


Crail, Dan

Guidance Counselor, Lake County


Cueni, Beth

Technology Literacy Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8224

Davis, Sean

Director of Public Safety Education


Eileen Hauser, Payroll

Eileen Hauser joined the Auburn Career Center Financial Services staff in April 2008 in the position of Payroll Specialist.  Prior to joining Auburn Career Center, Eileen’s work experience included serving as the payroll and billing coordinator in the private sector. A Lake County resident, Ms. Hauser’s love of working in payroll and accounting is what initially brought her to Auburn Career Center.  Today she shares, “I love seeing everything come together, along with the ability to ensure accuracy and timely reporting.” Eileen attended Lakeland Community College.

In her role as Payroll Specialist, Eileen’s job responsibilities include:

  • Perform daily payroll department operations
  • Manage workflow to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately and timely
  • Reconcile payroll prior to transmission and validate confirmed reports
  • Understand proper taxation of employer paid benefits
  • Process correct garnishment calculations and compliance
  • Execute time and attendance processing and interface with payroll
  • Process accurate and timely year-end reporting tax reporting
  • Responsible for employee benefits including health care

Ms. Hauser was instrumental in the development and implementation of the electronic time clock, which resulted in a reduction in processing time and improved efficiencies.

Evans, Gregg

Intervention Specialists

440.357.7542 ext. 8196

Gardner, Jason

Internet Programming & Development Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8386

Golinar, Kelley

EMIS/Infinite Campus Coordinator


Gontero, Ginny

Sports Medicine Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8384

Gordon, Barb

Enrollment Specialist

440.357.7542 ext. 8110

Hauser, Eileen

Payroll Specialist

440.357.7542 ext. 8277

High School Office

440.357.7542 Ext. 8113

Hill, Robert

Construction Technology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8208

Holland, Brandi

Cosmetology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8217

Irving, Amie

Online Math Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8353

Kaminski, Shelby

VOSE Coordinator

440.357.7542 ext. 8151

Kamis, Laura

Administrative Assistant for Director of Adult Workforce Education

440.357.7542 ext. 8276

Kasten, Nanci

Online English Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8134

Kerwood, Mary Ann

ABLE/GED Coordinator

440.357.7542 Ext. 8237

Kozar, Rodney

Interactive Multimedia Technology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8207

Lauer, Wendy

Testing/Facilities Coordinator

440.357.7542 x.8278

Lefler, Sue

Allied Health Technology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8257

Machuta, Leslie

Administrative Assistant - Student Services

440.357.7542 ext. 8334


440.357.7542 ext. 8163

Malvicino, Justine

Cosmetology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8215



Mazza, Jonna

Career Advisor

440.357.7542 ext. 8248

McVicker, Carrie

Accounts Payable

440.357.7542 Ext. 8325

Metrisin, Jane

Teaching Professions Pathway Instructor

440.357.7542 Ext. 8280

Nelson, Angela

Business Management Tech Instructor

440.357.7542 X 8221

Noble, Sarah

Guidance Counselor, Geauga County


Nunes, Robin

Online English Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8283

Pirzada, Salman

Architecture Project Management Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8230

Ranck, Sandy

Program Administrator Auburn Practical Nursing Program

440.357.7542 ext. 8366

Rausch, Barb

Intervention Specialist

440.357.7542 ext. 8192

Reed, Wayne

HVAC Instructor

440.357.7542 Ext. 8389

Richards, David

Landscape Horticulture Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8362

Rodewald, Michelle

Business Partnership Coordinator

440.357.7542 ext. 8159

Rogge, Jared

Welding Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8242

Ryan, Amy

Culinary Arts Instructor

440.357.7542 X 8210

Shelley Barto, Financial Aid Specialist

Financial Aid Specialist Shelley Barto 440-357-7542 x. 8326 or

Sherry Williamson,Treasurer

Auburn Career Center would like to welcome Sherry Williamson!

Mrs. Williamson has eight+ years of experience as a Treasurer/CFO and seven years as an Assistant Treasurer in Ohio’s schools. She joins us from Buckeye Local Schools in Ashtabula Township.  Prior to Buckeye, she was employed with KeyBank for 13 years working in various capacities.  Her role is to serve as the financial advisor for the Board and Superintendent, Treasurer of all district funds and to record the minutes of the meetings.


Sitz, Scott

Resource Officer

440.357.7542 ext. 8111

Slavkovsky, Jeff

Assistant Superintendent


Slusher, Maria

Teacher Assistant


Smith, Lori

Executive Administrative Assistant/HR - Board Office


Spondike, Darrin

Computer Networking Instructor

440.357.7542 Ext. 8243

Stark, Dee



Stropkey, Phil

Teacher Assistant - Construction

440.357.7542 Ext. 8208

Szoka, Carol

Administrative Assistant - Attendance Office

440.357.7542 ext. 8298

Szoka, Jessica

Teaching Assistant - Landscape/Horticulture

440.357.7542 ext. 8364

Tracy, Andrea
Adult Workforce Education Director

Ms.Tracy most recent position has been the Program Director of LEAF, Lake and Geauga County Educational Assistance Foundation.  For the past 13 years, she has developed the program, hired and trained staff, provided annual evaluations and staff development programs; has been responsible for payroll calculation, purchasing and billing, has gained certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator. Ms. Tracy has been responsible for Quality Assurance programs for the LEAF organization.

Prior to her experience at LEAF, Ms. Tracy has been the Assistant Director of Student Financial Services at the University of Mount Union, Alliance, Ohio, where she managed all aspects of the student loan and student work-study programs.  Her experience has including working with and counseling families and students regarding financial aid opportunities. As part of her responsibilities, she has maintained all compliance standards with both Federal and State Financial Aid programs for the University of Mount Union.

At Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, California, Ms. Tracy was responsible for administering $4.5 million State Grant program and oversaw all compliance regulations with the California Student Aid Commission and compliance with both Federal and State Funding Programs.  Ms. Tracy also assisted in the University’s accreditation process. 

Tredent, Christine

Patient Care Technology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8223

Ventresco, JoAnn

Ext. 8220

Intervention Specialist

Geauga CORE @ Auburn Career Center

Victoria Bryant, Assistant Treasurer

Phone: 440-358-8044

Vigh, Susie


Volpin, Cayley

Enrollment/Career Development

440-357-7542 Ext. 8401

Welk, Tom

Automotive Technology Instructor

440.357.7542 ext. 8218

Wiencek, Stephanie

Career Assessment/Intervention Specialist

440.357.7542 ext. Ext. 8191

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